Sweet 15 Mass

The ceremony of sweet 15 is not a sacrament but it does include the sacraments of Reconciliation and of the Eucharist. It is a celebration of thanksgiving where the adolescent gives thanks to God and those around her for their companionship and blessings. At the same time, she shows her commitment to the Church, community and God.

It was a blessing to the world when God created you. It was a blessing to the church when your parents presented you to be baptized. It is a blessing that you present yourself before God on this your sweet 15. We are very happy for you. We will be in prayer so that this day may be a special day full of joy and thanksgiving.

We recommend registering 12 months prior to the date you are looking for. It is recommended not to make reservations of any hall before registering at the office first. The rehearsal for the ceremony is one day before the ceremony. The time will be given at the time of registration.

Requirements of a sweet 15

  • Baptismal certificate
  • Confirmation certificate
    • The girl must have all 3 sacraments. If she does not; she needs to be enrolled in classes and have completed classes and received the sacraments prior to registering and must bring a letter from the parish where she is enrolled in classes stating the date of completion.
  • It is required for the quinceañera to attend quinceañera classes
  • The quinceañera must attend regular Sunday mass.
  • The quinceañera must be prepared to receive Communion on the day of the ceremony. Therefore, she must receive the sacrament of confession. It is suggested that the parents, family members as well as damas and chambelanes and all the quinceañera court receive the sacrament of confession to participate in the Holy Communion of the ceremony.
  • Mass is $600.00 with a $150.00 deposit and this does include music.
    • Payment arrangements can be done at time of registration. You will need to complete the full payment at least 3 months prior to the quinceañera date.
    • No refund of money for cancelation.
    • This does not include the decoration of the church. The amount paid is only to reserve the date of the ceremony, classes, maintenance, and insurance of the facilities, etc…
  • Suggested to reserve the date at least 1 year in advance.

To check availability or to reserve a date please visit our office Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The office is closed daily from 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m.