Our Patron Saint

Saint Cajetan

St. Cajetan, (1480-1547) was born in Vicenza, Italy, of a noble family. He was the youngest of three sons born to Don Gaspar di Thiene and Dona Maria de Porto.

He studied Civil and Canon Law at the University of Padua and moved to Rome where he worked in the Court of Julian Ii. He assisted at the fifth Council of the Lateran. He was ordained a priest and became part of the “Company of Divine Love.” In 1518 he returned to Vicenza. After the death of his mother, de dedicated himself to the founding and directing of hospitals to treat the syphilitics in Vicenza, Verona, and Venice.

In 1524, with Juan Pedro Carafa, Bishop of Chiete, he founded the Clerics Regular who later would be called the Theatins. Tortured during the plunder of Rome in 1527, Cajetan later returned to Venice where for three years he directed the Religious Institute he had founded. IN 1533, he transferred to Naples where he would die fourteen years later in 1547. It was in this city that he planted the yeast of reform that made him worthy of the devotion that has been awarded to him. In 14629, Urvan VIII authorized public worship to Cajetan, and on April 2, 1671 Clement X inscribed him in the Catalogue of Saints.

St. Cajetan is the “Heart of the Catholic reformation, the founder of the Clerics Regular (Theatines) and the a ”Great Man and Great Saint” that Christians acclaim as “The Father of Providence”  because he aids those who invoke him in their needs with great miracles.

St. Cajetan pray for us, that we may be worthy to obtain the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us pray

O God, Father of all goodness, who with wisdom and love, gave the earth to the work of human hands, so that from it we would receive our needed sustenance, causing us to contemplate your providence and greatness. Grant us, through the intercession of Saint Cajetan, the assurance that you heed the requests of those who humbly pray… and deliver us from all evil. We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen